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Terms of use

This is a free service and is provided without a warranty of any kind. Parts, or all of the service may be terminated at any time without notice. Individual URLs might be disabled if they are used for illegal or malicious purposes which includes spamming, pornography and all other stuff that would make your ancestors shake their heads... Failure to respect this may result in being reported to all appropriate ISPs and authorities.
To report any abuse of this free service, or for other feedback such as feature suggestions or general comments, contact admin at jui.cc or email me.

Frequently Asked Questions

So what exactly is this?

Jui.cc URL (pronounced juicy U.R.L.) is a URL shortening serivce similar to TinyURL.com. It was created by Miklos Bacso as an experimental project. It is a free service offered to anyone that wishes to create sensible URLs out of long, messy ones.

Toolbar button?

Use the Jui.cc URL shortcut button and turn any long URL into a short meaningful one, instantly.
Simply drag the button below to your Bookmarks Toolbar (or in Internet Explorer, right-click on it and select Add to Favorites. Say Yes if you receive a prompt about the shortcut "not being safe"... it's safe, I promise.) Then when you're on any site which has a disgustingly long URL, just click the Jui.cc URL! button in your toolbar, and a short URL will be created for you.

How to:
    or in Internet Explorer:

Is there a way to see the URL I am going to be redirected to?

Sure. You can add a "p/" before any Jui.cc URL code to be prompted with a safe preview page. (eg: http://jui.cc/p/1.) Or you can turn on the AutoPreview option (see below) to let our website automatically redirect you to the preview page for any Jui.cc URL you are visiting.

What is AutoPreview?

AutoPreview is an option that can be toggled On or Off. If this option is on, no matter what Jui.cc URL you visit, even if someone else gave you the link and even if you did not manually specify "preview" in the URL, you will always get prompted with a preview first. You can access this option from the top right-hand side of the main page. This option creates a cookie on your computer to remember whether you had it turned on or off the last time you visited the site.